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    First time guest Mark Thornton of Mises Institute is here to discuss the current government trajectory. For example the Republican push to replace Obamacare with the same old government bureaucracy. Also brushed on the border wall, Trump’s trade policy, inflation, world standard of living and briefly on gold & silver near the end.

    To get more from Mark: Mises Institute

    01:00 Replacement proposal for obamacare Sucks?
    05:25 Americans realizing they’ve been taken advtange of
    07:50 What’s the Libertarian View on the Border wall?
    13:30 Competing Economically with Free Trade Agreements
    17:30 Stock Market Bubble: What’s Next? FED printing
    20:30 Technology increased Americans standard of living
    23:30 How to get Jobs back to America…Protectionism?
    27:00 Real Free Trade improves world economy
    29:20 Taxes in US Scaring away Prosperity
    31:00 Some good investments today from Mark
    33:00 Mark weary on Gold with government actions
    35:10 New Book “Skyscraper Curse” over 10 Years Research
    38:30 Get more from Mark & the Mises Institute