Crowd Funding is booming! With savings accounts giving back low interest to savers, savvy investors are looking elsewhere to make their capital work more efficiently.
We have Amy Kirsch from PeerRealty to talk to us about the rapid growth of Crowd Funding and Peer to Peer lending as a popular choice outside of bank loans and traditional investments, Amy explains the dynamics of the industry and why investors should look into this effective method of putting capital to work.

To hear Amy: Realty Shares

01:25 Peer to Peer Investing
03:05 New way to get loans
04:05 More efficient ways to put Capital to work!
05:35 Can Peer to Peer Lending create a bubble?
06:45 Higher interest means greater returns or higher risk?
08:35 Lending precautions to ensure safety
10:45 Real Estate vs Stock Market and the advantages
14:15 How are lenders protected if borrowers do not pay?