The 1 Must Own Gold Stock:


David Morgan, of the Morgan Report, is the man to go to when trying to get a pulse on the precious metals market, specifically dealing with investing in the junior resource companies. Although he’s still cautious not to officially declare the bottom is in for the precious metals bear market, and they are on the up cycle, embarking on the next spectacular bull market, one thing is clear – we are very close!

He has discussed previously that he expected October to be a month where stocks would falter and the metals would do well. October has been nothing short of that up until now, and Mr. Morgan goes on to discuss where he sees the potential of it all leading towards.

In a bull market, it’s typical for the mining stocks to lead the metals in price, and we are seeing this happen now in the prices for the resource stocks.

The perfect storm of events are all converging, with peaking production, physical supply shortages, and global monetary catastrophes that are all extremely bullish for the metals.

If you don’t get excited about profiting in the mining sector in these unprecedented times after listening to this interview, I don’t know what else will do it for you. When it comes to bull markets, even companies that don’t deserve a rising stock price will likely go up significantly, and the fundamentally sound companies will skyrocket that much more.