This interview will expand your mind on Gold & Silver Investing. A perfect go to video for beginners and intermediate investors in the precious metals space, founder of bullion dealer Miles Franklin and metals expert Andrew Schectman delivers 40 minutes of important and helpful information as well as revealing some upcoming exciting updates for Miles Franklin.

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01:15 Mining Stocks Rally & Correction: How to Judge the Cycle
06:35 No Rate Hike until After Election, Gold Seasonality Growth
08:05 Gold $1,400 By End of year, Mining Stocks to Rise More
10:45 Mining Sector vs Larger Stock market: Much Bigger Gains
13:45 Last Bull Market Mining Cost Climbed with Price
15:55 Uranium: How Long can Mining Cost be Higher than Spot Price
20:55 Can Uranium Bull Market be Separate of Gold & Silver’s?
23:30 The Great Prospect for Lithium as an Investment
25:45 Bubble Building in Lithium as Companies change Names
27:30 Silver Shortage Soon? Big Silver Mines Closing Down
31:45 Silver Stocks: Huge Gains vs Physical, More Upside vs Gold
36:15 Get more from Gwen & Final Thoughts, Bear vs Bull Markets