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    Following up on Future Money Trends’ interview with scotty, this time we go longer and more detailed. We especially focus a lot on small steps for nutrition and improving your positivity through small changes and relationship advice. Multi-sectional, this interview should have something for everyone in the way of self improvement and philosophy toward life and finances.

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    01:20 Background to Scotty, IT business Career
    03:30 Where Scotty grew his personal finance passion
    04:45 Crash of 2008 a Wakeup Call, try something new
    06:00 Books vs Audiobooks & Podcasts for self help
    09:00 Transitioning into better Health & Nutrition
    10:15 Small health changes: Come back to basics
    13:00 Moringa oleifera breakfast drink, grown in India
    15:10 Other morning strategies for a healthy day
    18:45 Sleep routine improvements; white noise machine
    23:50 Your room should also be as dark as possible
    27:30 Changing your mindset on Money to that of Abundance
    29:30 Using a spending plan instead of a budget
    32:30 Having successful relationships, marriage, children
    37:15 Happiness, faith, what is the key to being happy?
    40:00 Should entrepreneurs feel like we’re never satisfied?
    43:30 Being thankful for your accomplishments
    45:00 Final thoughts and Get more from Scotty Studer at