We have returning guest David Morgan to provide us with information on the current outlook on the Precious Metals Markets and also the Yield curve flattening and what it truly represents.
During the interview we also cover the Free Markets during so much uncertainty is the driving force behind so much innovation and free thinkers finding solutions for real problems.

To get more from David: Silver-Investor.com

02:15 Yield curve flattening is highlighting a recession!
06:30 Low Yields, state pension funds, private pension funds
06:30 Many people are going to get a wake up call”!
09:20 “The Promises Will Become Greater, The Returns Will Become Nil”!
09:30 The emerging Free Markets creating the freedom to succeed!
15:50 Precious Metals unaffected by the Interest Rates
21:30 Global instability causing innovation and automation
28:40 Precious Metal Stocks, what can investors expect?
32:30 Free thinkers creating solutions to real problems
34:30 Gold and Silver could experience a Bitcoin style breakout
39:10 Where to find more insights