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    Our friend and founder of bullion dealer Miles Franklin reveals their new storage option for precious metals that is first of it’s kind. Andrew also shares his thoughts on the only hope for US economy is if Trump wins Tuesday’s election, though our main focus is definitely precious metals investment and storage.

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    02:15 Precious Metals Market Crazy Trading
    04:00 People Buying High & Selling Low?
    05:40 Road to Retirement with Commodities
    07:15 2016 Election, Trump Shakeup 4 Economy?
    08:30 Clinton blatantly criminal & corrupt
    09:20 Overt Precious Metal Market Manipulation
    10:10 More Market Freedom if Trump Wins
    12:00 Miles Franklin’s new Secure Storage
    17:00 US More restricted than Canadian safe
    17:30 Benefits to diversify wealth storage
    18:10 Currency control bigger risk than confiscation
    19:00 US Dollar crash risk
    22:30 Government Debt Irreversible, but Trump win would help
    25:10 Get more from Miles Franklin & Final Thoughts