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Andrew Schectman is the president, owner, and founder of bullion dealer, Miles Franklin. When it comes to what is happening now in the markets, there is no one better to talk to than someone who has a first-hand boots-on-the-ground experience with precious metals.

One thing is clear: what is going on in the physical markets is much different than what is going on in the paper markets. The powers that be are manipulating the precious metals down to create a new perceived reality in order to keep a demand for their system in place. Andrew discusses the difference between the informed buyers vs. the uninformed buyers. Uninformed buyers purchase when precious metals are high, and prudent buyers purchase when metals are down.

Towards the end of the interview, we discuss precious metals and how they aren’t all created equally in the eyes of the market. You definitely want to hear this part of the interview to know what to buy and why it’s important. It’s clear after our discussion that after looking at the facts, having precious metals in your portfolio is a must, and you have to take emotions out of your decisions when being responsible with your investments.