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    Expert market trader is here to discuss key gold & silver price levels to precede the breakout to new all time highs. This is an extended interview as well covering a vast array from the 2016 Election, Soros & Clinton collusion, September 11th personal testimony on conspiracy and of course the Federal Reserve failing in all attempts to look sane to anyone with a brain. Very detailed and thorough research here.

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    01:00 Federal Reserve in a Corner, Jackson Hole Meeting Reveals
    07:10 Interest Rates, Bond Yields, $13 Trillion in Negative Debt
    11:30 George Soros & Other Billionaires Play the Gold Market
    15:10 Clinton & Soros Collusion, 2016 Election
    22:30 Gold Price Charting & Predictions in this Bull Market
    32:00 Silver Needs to Break Key Level to Continue Bull Market
    38:25 Trader Stef’s Close Friend in New York City During 9/11