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    For our guests that want to get some basic but incredible tips on improving your health this is the interview for you. Yoga instructor Michael discusses with Kenneth some ways to structuer life to improve your health & positivity.

    To get more info about Michael: Your Wellness Yogi

    01:20 Introduction to Michael Kohan
    02:20 Sleep & Morning Routine are Extremely Important
    03:25 Bulletproof coffee, do not eat breakfast
    04:30 Napping 30 minutes every day
    05:50 How should beginners start to be Healthy
    07:20 Fad diets don’t work: Paleo, South Beach etc.
    08:20 If you don’t enjoy life, food is a distraction
    09:50 Overeating vs achieving a balance in diet
    11:25 Alkaline Water Truth: All you need is Lemon
    14:25 When & How much to exercise: Habit dictates
    16:50 Fixing sleep troubles with early workouts
    19:50 Free 1 Hour Coaching