Ronni Stoeferle joins us in today’s informative interview, we discuss his latest annual report ‘In Gold We Trust’ and also look at the simmering potential of a Gold Bull run!
Other topics covered include Bitcoin, Populism and Disinflation and the President’s desire for a weaker Dollar.

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01:30 The latest edition of ‘In Gold We Trust’
02:50 the next us recession is on the doorstep
03:30 Real Assets VS Financial Assets
05:30 The Next Financial Crisis Will Be Bigger Than 2008
06:30 Disinflation and a strong Dollar?
08:30 Trump wants a weak dollar
10:40 The potential catalyst for a Gold Bull Market
18:10 How should Gold/Silver fit into a portfolio?
20:50 The Bitcoin phenomenon
27:50 What is populism?
33:50 Where to gain the report and learn more