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    It’s not often we have a first time guest this exciting. Our near 1 hour interview could just as easily been 2 hours with all the predictions discussed: Bitcoin & silver to have huge rallies in coming years with silver to become more valuable than gold in the 2020’s shortage, a coming ice age, possible civil war and more. Be sure to checkout the list to see your desired topic of choice and enjoy this incredible first time interview with increasingly popular and sought after Clif High of the Web Bot Report. We thank our friend jsnip4 for introducing us.

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    01:20 Introduction & Overview: Bitcoin, Election, Gold/Silver, Ice Age
    02:15 Web Bot Predicted no Assassination or Attemps for Trump
    06:20 Web Bot Predicted Bitcoin’s Rise back in 2005
    06:45 History of Web Bot Algorithm Origin in 1993
    09:15 2005-2009 Watching Bitcoin Solve Double Spending Issue
    10:45 Bitcoin price & Demand tied to Silver & Gold
    14:00 Pulling bitcoin price numbers from Chinese data
    16:30 Chinese government to embrace & grow bitcoin
    18:00 BTC Price in February to hit 1088 & $1,488
    20:40 Bitcoin to rise for decades & become world reserve currency
    22:50 Demand for bitcoin to spillover into silver & Gold, China 1st
    26:45 Silver to reach $600 per oz: Huge Shortage in 2020’s
    30:00 Gaining historical perspective and Molding our Future
    31:30 Federal Reserve & Cashless Society push to fail
    33:20 Clif High predicting mini ice age, not global warming
    37:10 Cold in Europe affecting food crops; Shortage
    39:20 Near Species Level Extinction Risk is very Real
    41:40 Western US: What to expect in weather next few years
    47:40 Giant energy crisis: Oil net energy return almost zero
    49:45 Land bridges will emerge as oceans retreat from glaciers forming
    51:30 Solar minimum to reach here 2022: Snow to stay Europe year-round
    52:35 Learn More and buy his report for only $15: