In this powerful interview Charles Savoie returns to share his knowledge on Silver and its suppression, the money powers and to set the record straight on the overall possibility of Precious Metals being confiscated.
This is not one to miss as we learn about the Coin Act of 1873 and the centuries of wealth stolen from the people by the money powers, we also discuss the shift of financial power going from mainland Europe towards the United Kingdom and the rich list Forbes doesn’t tell us about.

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01:30 Possibility of Silver Confiscation Explanation
08:20 The Coin Act of 1873 – Who Profited from it?
13:45 How safe are Metals from Confiscation in the Trump Era?
17:30 We must regain the right to own monetary Gold
21:00 How much longer can the price of Precious Metals be supressed?
34:25 The Money Powers trying to take the people’s Money!
36:05 The Anglo American Dominance
43:55 Bullion Depositories and more Serious Threats
48:55 Money Power Shifting from Europe To Britain, the Rich List Forbes Doesn’t Tell us about!
56:55 Where to learn more on the history of Silver