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Steve is a resource sector researcher and market analyst specializing in Gold/Silver Supply & Demand as well as Energy such as Oil production

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01:00 Introduction for Steve St. Angelo
02:15 What does the Gold/Silver Ratio Mean Right Now
04:40 Metals Rise from China’s Shanghai Gold Price Fix Introduciton
06:20 Physical Silver Demand at Records
08:30 Japan Government Propping up their Stock market, We Must be Too
11:30 Is the Manipulation Breaking Right Now As China Takes Over Pricing
16:00 How to Invest in Metals & Mining: SRSRocco Affiliation with Tom Cloud
20:20 Don’t Pay Excess Premium for Bullion
24:00 Steve’s Life Experience that Awakened Him after 2002
25:45 Shale Oil Boom will Crash; By 2025 Steve Expects 75% Decline in Production
27:25 Learn More about Steve & His Work at

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