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    Chris of The Morgan Report comes on to discuss the FED decision, interest rates and how gold & silver will be affected going forward. He restates that this is just the beginning of massive gains in metals & mining.

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    01:20 Introduction to Chris Machese of The Morgan Report
    02:30 Bear Market is Over – Gold/Silver Market Update
    04:00 BREXIT vote’s effect on the Markets Coming
    07:00 How would Higher Interest Rates affect Gold?
    08:45 Derivaties Market Implosion Could be the Beginning of the End
    09:30 Will we see inflation vs deflation? Dollar Index, Currency Replacements
    11:35 Oil Price $50: Are we Going Even Higher? Shale Defaults
    13:10 Gold & Silver Price Predictions
    14:30 Mining Stocks Are Only Going Higher
    17:00 Where to get Chris’ Info – Closing Thoughts

    Our last interview with Chris April 20, 2016: