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    01:10 Introduction to Don Durrett
    01:50 We are Facing a Silver Shortage Soon
    05:30 Why are Governments like China & India Selling Silver
    06:00 ETF Demand Causing Silver Shortage; Price to Rocket Higher
    07:10 Gold Price, Correction, When to Expect Further Rally
    10:00 $1,310 Key Gold Support Level; $1,450 to $2,000 Big Rally
    11:15 Interest Rates, Dollar Index Affect Gold Price
    12:20 Oil Likely Topping; Price Should Go Lower from Here
    14:40 Profiting with Mining Stocks; Short the Market
    16:40 Investing in Junior Mining Stocks & Don’s Book
    21:00 Developing a Mining Project
    22:40 Gold Now vs 1980; Where can we Expect Gold to Rest at
    24:50 Gold Going to $2,500
    27:00 We could see 2:1 Dow to Gold Price Ratio with $5,000 Gold
    28:45 Silver to Outperform Gold; Ratio to Reach 20:1 Gold:Silver

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