On the show today is another Gold & Silver expert Gregor Gregersen. In this first time interview he reveals the passion behind his company, a Gold & Silver lending service, and the tremendous upside for Gold & Silver under President Trump. Major crisis could unfold including a US Dollar crash, China turmoil and the Eurozone implosion; all being reasons to have a significant portion of your net worth in precious metals for profit and insurance.

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01:15 Trump calls US Dollar Too Strong
02:15 If We put tariffs on China, they will Dump USD
03:15 Gold & Silver to Benefit from Trump & USD Crash
05:40 Benefits of doing Business in Singapore
07:45 Gold is insurance & Profits in Major Crisis
08:50 0.2% world investments in Silver = HUGE UPSIDE
11:30 Silver Shortage very likely when investing starts
12:25 Future uncertainty boosting Gold & Silver Rally
15:00 Stock Market & Homes rising on Inflation, bonds crashing
17:20 Silver Bullion SG’s service for Gold/Silver loan Collateral
22:00 Learn More about Gregor’s site & Service: