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    We have an amazing and insightful guest on today’s show, Kate Stalter is here to help us understand the importance of diversifying your portfolio not just with national stocks but international as well.
    Kate tells us why it crucial to invest sooner rather than later and shares some useful information on how to increase profit in your portfolio.

    To get more from Kate: Better Money Decisions

    02:30 Where Is The Economy Currently?
    06:30 Why Should We Invest Globally
    08:35 Only 3% of Global Stocks are in China!
    09:30 People who diversify do best*
    10:40 Why Americans are seeing poor portfolio Returns
    11:40 Brokerage Fees
    12:20 Stock Picking – Choose Wisely!
    14:00 Baby Boomers Can’t Retire Easily Anymore
    15:10 Can’t Rely on Pensions anymore
    19:10 Learn more about Social Security
    19:45 Importance on Investing NOW!
    26:30 Final Advice and Where to find Kate