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Being able to talk with experts in the finance world is extremely important in the times that we are now experiencing. John Rubino, of DollarCollapse.com, is a man of great research and an expert on the economy. We just released an important interview, where he discusses the current situation and how to tread going forward in this volatile environment. He describes how right now, the whole world is overleveraged and asset prices are at levels that have historically preceded financial crises.

He correlates the current market to what we saw in 2007, right before the 2008 stock market crash. Have you ever heard of “taper tantrums?” The Fed is currently in the midst of throwing some “taper tantrums” at the moment, and as much as they periodically threaten to raise interest rates, they most likely won’t for a very long time. The current volatility in the markets has provided a timely excuse for the Fed to kick the can down the road, and this was the perfect out until the next meeting.