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    Another new guest today to discuss the US economy including some interesting aspects such as the debt ceiling, digital currencies, where to live cheaply to raise a family and how California is turning into Venezuela.

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    02:10 0.25% Rate Hike: Too Little, Too Late
    04:55 Market Fundamentals Don’t Make Sense
    07:55 How long will Stock Market Bubble Run?
    09:40 Gold March Upward; 1:1 Gold to Dow
    11:10 $100 Trillion Debt: US to Raise Debt Ceiling
    12:50 Bitcoin & Digital Currency, is it Money?
    18:15 Strategic Living: Where’s it Cheap to Live?
    21:25 California bubble: Mass migration, Leftists
    24:25 California will end up like Venezuela
    26:25 Learn more from Philip Kennedy: Spread Liberty
    31:25 Philip’s last bit of financial advice