Kory Watkins joins us in this inspirational and educational interview, Kory is running for Governor and shares his unique insights regarding property taxes and the philosophy behind being a Libertarian.
We also discuss the pros and cons of removing property Tax, Cannabis Industry, gun ownership laws in Texas and much more.

To get more from Kory: KoryWatkinsForTexas.com

01:25 Becoming a Libertarian and embracing freedom
03:25 Media’s influence over people’s opinions
04:25 The stranglehold of property Taxes and stunting economic growth
08:50 How is the money replaced from less property Taxes?
11:50 Future of Texas’ economy
12:50 What stage are we at with Cannabis legalization
17:15 Closing thoughts and gun ownership in Texas
22:50 Where to find more information and how to support Kory