First time guest delivers a powerful take on the US & World economy including recent geopolitical (war) tensions affecting the metals, stocks and interest rate fears. This was truly a good interiew and we’ll definitely get Russell on again to respond to coming changes he’s laying out in the economic and metals sector. We talk gold & silver for wealth preservation, bitcoin, war and today vs 1980.

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01:05 Stocks Slide & Gold Up as War Brews
04:20 Now vs 1979-1980, War, Rates & Inflation
05:20 Federal Reserve likely to raise rates
05:50 US Credit downgrade possible @ $20 Trillion Debt
07:00 Next 2-3 years to see largest Gold & Silver increase!
09:40 Can FED unwind? US Dollar to Rise says Russell
11:20 War on Cash, USD Devaluation, Gold Confiscation Risk
13:55 Bitcoin is start of future of electronic money
16:00 Final thoughts: Have Gold & Silver NOW