Expert analysis with a proven track record of forecasts and geopolitical analysis. He predicted the fall of the Soviet Union nearly a decade in advance and now he’s predicting basically the fall of the United States. Hold onto your seats, the Trump Presidency will have some bumps like you can’t imagine. Get his new book on amazon just released called “The Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm”, Link Below

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02:00 US Facing 1903’s Great Depression Under Trump?
03:15 World Dollar Shortage; Liquidity Crisis Underway
04:20 House of Cards, Euro, World Economy to Fall
06:20 China Boosted Infrastructure with Borrowed Money
09:20 Trump can’t fix historical debt; no growth coming
11:10 Trump to be blamed for biggest US Crash in History
13:30 In 1980’s James forewarned of Soviet Union collapse
17:00 Obamacare increased world’s most expensive healthcare
20:40 How will Trump handle Middle East, Nuclear War and ISIS
23:00 US Invaded Iraq and fired the Army but left their guns
26:25 US Econ statistics are complete fiction; Trump exposes
29:45 The end of World War 2 & the Great Prosperity explained
34:25 $43 Trillion of paper fictional wealth will evaporate
36:00 Get James new book just released: ‘Breaking Point. . .’
36:35 Silver Lining: we’re overdue for another era of freedom