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    In today’s lively interview we have the popular Crypto Bit Brothers with us to share key insights on how they see the Blockchain Industry evolving and how they discovered Bitcoin and the Altcoins.
    We cover a wide range of topics, including the recent regulations placed on ICOs by China and what will happen when institutional money enters the space.

    To get more from Crypto-Bit Brothers: Youtube Channel: Crypto-Bit Brothers

    01:30 How the Crypto Bit Brothers discovered Bitcoin!
    05:00 “The Blockchain is not going away”!
    08:30 China banning ICOs and the implications
    14:00 ICO regulations a good thing?
    19:00 Bitcoin’s first mover advantage
    21:00 What happens when institutional money enters Blockchain?
    24:00 Potential use cases of Blockchain technology
    27:30 Closing thoughts and advice