Author of the Great Deformation just wrote a new book called “Trumped! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin…And How to Bring it Back.” In this interview we cover what the election in 2016 is really about: the establisment candidate vs the outsider but no matter who wins the economic situation is dire in the US and the stock and fiat debt bubble will pop. As David says “be very afraid, sell all the stocks, this casino will blow.”

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01:25 Market priced Clinton victory b4 FBI re-investigated
02:45 A prosecution like you’ve never seen coming
04:30 Nothing from this Congress to fix US Economy
06:45 Market to Crash before or After next President?
07:30 Massive US Debt & Stimulus Failure last 10 years
09:30 The End of World Fiat Expansion Era
10:10 Trump doesn’t have program to replace FED’s mess
11:10 Debt bubble going to pop after $20 Trillion
15:50 Clinton is the rigged Establishment candidate
17:00 Could next crash be blamed on Capitalism?
17:45 Unprecedented election, status quo broken
21:20 Can Federal Reserve raise rates in December?
24:00 Sell your stocks, protect yourself ASAP
25:30 A thousand things to trigger market crash
28:15 How long US & Dollar benefit from world chaos?
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