A market expert in precious metals and gold savings is here for the first time. Some important and world shaking topics are discussed in relation to sound money and new President Trump. Basically all ducks are in a row to make 2017 an even greater year for Gold & Silver than was 2016.

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02:00 2016 Bull Market Review, Bullion Bank Tactics
02:40 Shorts vs Longs, Hedge Funds, Bull or Bears
04:10 2016 Bear Squeeze & China Commodities Stockpile
05:20 Trump Win & Dollar Strength so Banks Hit Gold & Silver
06:10 This Year Squeeze to Cause Bigger Price Spike!
06:30 In other currencies Metals rose even More
07:20 What if Gold price kept rising in 2016?
08:30 Proof of Price Suppression: Alasdair Explains
09:20 Gold price is lower than any time since 1934
11:20 Morality in Market Manipulation? When is the End?
12:45 Gold will be here Long after other currencies fail
15:20 Price Inflation for Gold & Silver with President Trump
18:40 MMGA.org to Convince Trump to Sound Money?
21:30 1.7 Billion Muslims could Enter Gold Market
22:45 Gold is essential to life under Islamic law
25:10 GoldMoney moving to increase customers in Middle East
27:00 Gold’s Bullish uses under current financial technology
29:00 Dollar vs Other Currencies & Resource Sector
30:50 Trump will have to go head to head with China over minerals
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