Our best pick for technical market analyst is back to discuss the world shifts occurring Trump is crowned the victor of the 2016 US Presidential Selection. This is a jam-packed and extended interview with extra features & comedy you should enjoy. The focus is US geopolitics and the economy, Federal Reserve and what politics of today translate into economic situations we can face tomorrow, 2017 & on.

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00:55 Trump Win surprises Liberals now in Shock
03:00 Soros funding Protests battling Trump
08:00 3 Million Illegal Immigrants Voted?
09:30 Soros not remorseful profiting with Nazis
10:10 Hillary Lost, Promoting Purple Revolution
11:20 Soros promoting racial devision & Trump
14:20 Federal Reserve Clueless about Future
18:00 Trump’s Headwind: Debt, Money Printing
22:30 Inflation vs Interest Rates & Gold
26:00 Jim Rickards ‘Road to Ruin’ book, War on Cash
28:15 Gold Down to $1200 = Average Cost of Production
31:45 Soros Doubles position in Barrick Gold
32:30 India banning cash, imports record Gold
34:00 Gold Technical Analysis
37:40 Silver Technical Analysis
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