Rickards thinks trump will win. He also says that will lead to a market correction and gold to shoot up $100/oz immediately. He’s an expert on financial crisis history and the best resource for predicting the next collapse he thinks will happen by 2018 and sooner rather than later. He is also predicting gold to $8,000 to $10,000 per oz after incredible world fiat money inflation and the death of king dollar.

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02:00 Jim’s new Book the Road to Ruin
03:00 2018 (thereabouts) crash coming
04:30 2008 was Days away from World Markets closing
08:00 Federal Reserve balance sheet & int rates
09:30 Who’s going to bail-out the central banks? IMF
10:20 Inflation coming with US Dollar Crash
13:30 Gold to inflate much higher, like $10,000
17:45 Election 2016 Rigging for Hillary Clinton
19:00 If Trump wins, stocks to crash, metals up
21:45 What happens if Clinton wins, FED’s role
24:00 Final thoughts from Rickards: Prepare NOW!