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    Krisanne Hall in her 2nd interview with us discusses more on current unconstituional acts including the continued budget resolution and two policing measures pushed by both Trump & Clinton in the first Presidential Debate: Stop & Frisk and Denying those on No-Fly list their 2nd amendment rights. It’s clear our founding document is being disregarded as our country disintegrates financially, morally and practically.

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    02:30 KrisAnne’s thoughts on the first Presidential Debate
    02:45 Stop and Frisk is Absolutely Unconstitutional
    06:20 We Should not be Afraid to Assert Our Rights
    08:30 Gun Rights: No Fly Lists Taking Away Gun Rights
    11:00 Is Government Worried about Violent Overthrow?
    11:30 2nd Amendment Origin & Today
    13:10 $20T Debt: Continuing Resolution Unconstitutional
    15:30 Madison, House of Representatives, Power of the Purse
    16:40 Who Benefits from the Budget Continuing Resolution?
    19:45 We’re Being Extorted for Unlimited Funding
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