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    Dennis is a perfect fit guest for our channel, multi-decade venture capitalist and energy & mining expert, he’s here to discuss profiting in this shaky market and he is the Director of an incredibly innovative gold company that has already got our members handsome profits. Nevada Exploration is looking strong and the brightest of futures as we hit the best time in modern history for investing in mining stocks.

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    02:00 World Economy Quite Fragile
    02:30 US Debt to GDP Record Levels, Time to Sell Stocks?
    05:40 Mining Sector will Gain Wealth in Times of Crisis
    07:00 Gold as Wealth Insurance, Mining as Lottery Ticket
    09:00 Updates and Fast Advancing Projects for NGE
    10:30 Wade Hodges discovered over 30 million Oz of Gold
    15:30 Contact Dennis & Learn More about Nevada Exploration