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When we asked for Joe’s biography, what we got back was the story of his awakening:
Realized we were all being lied about almost everything that affects our daily lives and future decisions politicians would be making would be based of these lies. After seeing Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and then finding out it was all lies, I got mad and figured if that was a lie then what else have politicians lies about of great importance. That led me to 9/11 video and documentaries which was a huge eye opener. I thought I could learn how to play the commodities markets and become a day trader on my spare time so I got a mini silver futures contract and was up several hundred dollars within a couple weeks and then lost it all and my $3,000 margin and “play the game” fee since silver dropped from $20 to $17 without any buyers in-between. I figured out fairly quickly it was the bankers club who did this to me which awakened me to another lie which is that the markets are a free market system and that they are never manipulated. At this point I decided to start doing videos on facebook which was an epic failure so I went to youtube and little by little more and more people subscribed and wanted to know the truth about all of these things just as bad as I did.