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    Today on Crush The Street we have Tone Vays to share his opinions on Bitcoin, Tone has become well known in the crypto currency space for his stance on altcoins and his ‘Bitcoin Maximalist’ views.
    We discuss whether Bitcoin is in a bubble or if the price is based on more stable foundations, the recent surge in altcoins and if Bitcoin can maintain its own growth.
    Also Tone gives his opinion on where he sees Blockchain technology in the future and if it has a relevance outside of crypto currencies.

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    01:10 Is Bitcoin’s future in danger?
    04:10 Are Alt Coins Better than Bitcoin?
    07:10 Bitcoin Bubble or Something More Stable
    09:10 If there is a bubble, its all of these Alt coins
    11:20 The Bitcoin Payment Network is a Huge Deal!
    15:10 Russia Recognizes Bitcoin?
    19:00 People Declaring Bitcoin Earnings
    23:50 The Future of Blockchain Beyond Money
    28:40 How Much can Bitcoin’s Market Go To?
    31:10 Mining Rewards Bitcoin Has to go Up in Price
    32:10 How to Learn More from Tone