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    Returning guest Michael Pento is back to warn us of a bond collapse to coincide with the stock market crash we’re all expecting. There’s just too many reasons and too much debt hanging over the world for this one to be avoided. Combine that with that fact the FED has used up all their ammunition and can’t lower rates anymore. When a trigger event like Saudi Arabia selling their dollar-denominated assets or the Bank of Japan ending their debt buying, the whole system worldwide can spiral out of control.

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    02:00 Dollar Dying as IMF adding Chinese Yuan to SDR
    02:50 Saudi Arabia to sell Dollar Based Reserves
    05:00 Federal Reserve Cannot Normalize Rates
    07:45 QE, $6 Trillion stash to $21 Trillion in 9 years
    09:45 Bond Prices going Down, Yields Going Up
    11:00 Chaos when the Bank of Japan stops Buying
    12:10 US has 96 months of 0% Interest Rates
    12:30 Bond Market & Stock Collapse Worldwide at Once
    13:00 You Must Own Gold to Protect Yourself
    15:00 Gold is Money, Silver is Industrial Metal
    17:50 We’re in a Recession, Mainstream to Admit
    19:00 Clinton or Trump to be Very Disruptive to Markets
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