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    With his market trading expertise, first time guest Karl Denninger is incredibly bleak for the US economy based on the fact that our debt and yearly deficits are unsustainable due to the corrupt healthcare system with medicare & medicaid structures. Also discussed are gold & silver prices and Europe’s situation. Karl seems to bring a different perspective than our usual guests as well as a special expertise we don’t see often.

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    01:40 Gold & Silver trade like Commodities, not Money
    02:40 Silver Demand, historic uses and global supply
    04:20 Gold isn’t inflation hedge, it’s geopolitical risk hedge
    05:40 Deutsche Bank Crash risk; the next Lehman Brothers?
    07:30 Beginning of 2008 compared to today for crash risk
    08:15 The last gold bull market to $1,900
    09:15 Europeans did nothing to fix Derivative exposure
    10:35 Bank run could springboard whole world econ crisis
    12:40 Inflationary moves vs risk movements of gold/silver
    13:20 US $1.4 Trillion more in debt year over year
    15:30 Medicare & Medicaid increasing the deficit
    16:10 Bonds & Stocks Expensive…where to get return?
    18:00 Federal Reserve’s manipulation of Bond Market
    19:40 Bond damage embedded deeply in the system
    21:30 US deficits unsustainable during (fake) Recovery
    24:30 How to fix US debt and prevent total collapse
    25:30 Indict the industry insiders who caused this
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