The world is under economic collapse as a result we see the violence and big shifts coming. Our friend and expert Lior Gantz has decided to come on with some level-headed analysis and a free portfolio offer for our members, make sure to check that out at

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01:50 Is violence today a result of the crumbling world economy?
03:20 Problems to Escalate – Global Economic Recession
06:10 Get 4 Seasons Portfolio at
07:10 Why are US Stocks hitting All-Time Highs?…Deflation, NIRP…
09:30 Investors will Move to Gold & Silver as Safe Haven
10:50 Silver will Become Money again Driving Prices Higher
12:10 Will Gold Shoot Higher in Huge Chunks During Big Events?
13:30 Current Fiat Currency System will be Thrown Out
17:00 Advice from Lior: Get out of Debt – What you Get at WRG

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