Gerald Celente, popular guest is back to discuss the further progression on war propaganda and market crashes. He states that the richest 62 people have more wealth than the entire world.

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02:20 28 Pages Implicating Saudi Arabia in 9/11
05:40 Turkey fake coup, more on Middle East Destabilization
08:40 World Standard of Living Dropping, Elite 0.1% Enriched
09:45 Stock Market Propped up from Collapse Years Ago
14:40 How will US Economy Collapse & Next QE Scam
16:40 Potential World War 3 to Prevent Huge Collapse

This year has been nothing short of extreme, to say the least. Every other day, there seems to be another terror strike somewhere in the world. Off the top of my head, in just 2016 alone, there were San Bernardino, Brussels, Parris, Istanbul, Orlando, Dallas, and more. Really, just when I thought the news of the week would not get any more grim as we came off of the mass shooting in Nice, France, as well as the national chaos in the nation of Turkey, we hear about another mass shooting in Munich, Germany, with 9 people killed.
The very popular Gerald Celente, of the Trends Journal, was just interviewed here at Crush The Street, and we discussed the societal chaos that is prevailing in 2016. We are dealing with unprecedented circumstances, and the root of much of this violence is an underlying, crumbling economy and the U.S. interventions in global affairs that is ushering the world into its 3rd world war.
Gerald Celente navigates us through the ins and outs of the geopolitical and economic ties relating to the current events. One specific topic he discusses is the 28-page report that revealed Saudi Arabia’s ties to 9/11. He begs the question, why wasn’t Saudi Arabia invaded instead of Iraq or Afghanistan…
People are extremely frustrated and feel shafted. Consider the fact that 62 people have more than half the total wealth on earth, which has a total of 7.4 billion. 95% of income gains since Obama has taken office have gone to the top 1%.
Mr. Celente discusses “Ponzinomics” and says that it is the very thing that will grow the markets, but will be the very thing that breaks the back of the underlying financial system.
Listen here for the full interview, where Gerald Celente discusses the crumbling geopolitical and economic environment.