Economic Crisis News 2015-10-17

Even though the U.S. still has a two-week fiat supply, states like Illinois are making drastic cuts, like delaying pension payments due to insufficient funds. Harry Reid acknowledges the whole handful of funding problems the U.S. government is facing right now.

With China dumping U.S. Treasuries at a rapid pace, the U.S. may have to make some drastic moves, like implementing QE4. Major news was released from Germany, as they have taken a bold step in increasing transparency, in that they are listing all its gold bars online for the first time in history. Their Bundesbank board says half of Germany’s near 3,400 tons of gold will be back in Germany by 2020 at the latest.

Gold and silver are both showing strength, with silver remaining over $16 per ounce by the close of this week, and gold at over $1,175, up $20 from $1,155 a week ago.

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