In today’s Economic Crisis News I am starting with the violent left who radically attack and take down Trump who are refusing to listen to anything the man has to say. Their basis of course being on what they hear on the bought off media like CNN. Unfortunately, the failure of the people to realize that the country is losing its competitive advantage is detrimental. The blame is on capitalism and free markets without discussing plain facts that we are making decisions that are in complete contrast of what is bet for future prosperity. This isn’t even getting into the deeper levels of scams which are in the monetary system. But how can you even start that conversation when surface level corruption can’t even be understood? The cost of recklessness can be seen in the collapsing standard of living of millennials who live their lives at levels that can only be compared to 3rd world countries to those who were living 40-50 years ago. And of course, I am going to discuss the wall and specifically immigration and what we are seeing happen to the country as we allow floods of immigrants who are statistically likely to end up on government assistance.

00:05 Violent Liberals Agains Trump
01:00 Media Brainwashing Voters
02:45 Millenials Actual Situation
04:40 Illegal Inmigration and the Construction of the Wall
05:45 Populism on the Rise and some of its Representants
07:00 Stand for what you Believe and Discuss your Ideas