The country may have never been more divided than tody with the most controversial President I can think of just elected: Donald Trump. The Republican & Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal divide usually entails a lot of ignorant thinking and attacking of each other; case in point a look at Bernie Sanders twitter feed shows appeals to emotions like anger to get more hate for our incoming President. In this video we look at exactly WHY Republicans, Conservatives and a lot of the working class are exciting and hopeful for our country’s economy to finally turn around starting in 2017 with dramatic policy shifts that leave more money in our pockets and less going to the crony’s in DC, heads of corporations and the richest 1%.

00:00 Bernie Sanders Tweets Pandering to Ignorant Liberals
09:00 The US-Mexico Border Wall & Immigration Debate
14:50 Electoral College vs Popular Vote
21:20 Energy Independence, Trump, Clean Energy vs Oil