Relying on oil for 95% of export revenue, $40 a barrel is hurting Venezuela the most. Low oil prices have got this country selling assets to stay afloat, reportedly selling 19% of their gold holdings from January to May alone. With $12 billion in debt due in 2016, it is likely that the Latin American nation will run out of liquid reserves sometime in the next 12 months. They have also increased taxes in an attempt to compensate for the collapsing revenue stream. In a strange dichotomy, filling up a tank of gas in Venezuela costs practically nothing, while the rest of the economy is seeing hyperinflation, with goods reaching 150% higher in price when compared to one year ago.

On the retirement front, Social Security spending hit a record $944 billion for fiscal year 2015, up $34 billion in just a year. With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, this number is only going to continue to skyrocket. Social Security Disability, which was about to run out of funds, has been extended by borrowing money from general Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund. Part B Medicare beneficiaries will see their annual deductible increase by 15% in 2016.