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In early 2011, during the Arab Spring, protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad led to a full blown effort for revolution in Syria. By 2013 the CIA was funding the Syrian rebels in aims to topple the government. But why Syria?

Syria and Iran are bound by a mutual defense treaty. The U.S. and established western media for at least a decade have been fear mongering about Iran supposedly trying to build a nuclear weapon; which could lead to devasation in the area; namely to a conflict with Israel.

Iran is the fifth largest oil producer in the world and Russia is tied with Saudi Arabia as the largest world producer. Iran also holds 18% of world natural gas reserves.

Syria and Iran are both enemies of Saudi Arabia; a United States ally. The Sunni Shia conflict is multiple centuries old. Syria is 75% Sunni but the government is primarily from a Shia sect although governing non-religiously.

In 2009 Qatar proposed a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. President Assad rejected this and in 2011 Assad forged a plan with Iraq and Iran to build their own pipeline eastward.

Russia and China have become ever closer in recent years as things heat up; establishing trade and oil deals with Iran, especially in the face of both Russia and Iran under heavy U.S. sanctions.

Repeated warnings have come from China and Russia against interfering in their affairs.

Attempting to push a complete war in Syria, in early 2013 western media claimed that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on their own citizens. In reality it was not clear whether it was the government or anti-government rebels.

In September of 2013 Senator Lindsey Graham, a former Air Force Colonel, proclaimed that a nuclear attack could occur on the United States East Coast if a war was not started with Syria.

When the U.S. public’s strong opposition to a new war overcame the propaganda, new tensions would arise just mc onths later in another part of the world; Eastern Europe.

After Ukraine refused to join the EU and instead partner closer with Russia’s Eurasian union, a conflict erupted that eliminated the current government headquarted in Kiev. Crimea, a somewhat autonomous state off southern Ukraine, held a referndum where they voted to reunify with the Russian Federation. Western media framed the event as an invasion from Russia. Only 18 countries recognized Crimea’s annexation. The UN General Assembly also declared that the incorporation of Crimea into Russia illegal. In contrast the new Ukrainian government was recognized by the U.S. and European Union; despite Russia claiming the new government was the result of a coup d’etat.

Control of Ukraine is critical because of energy pipeline routes. Europe gets 30 percent of its natural gas from Russia.

The MH17 incident was used as a tactic to demonize Russia. Western Media stopped reporting on it after facts were revealed that it was likely shot down from within the air.

As the new Ukraine government tried to join the EU, backlash from Eastern Ukraine, which borders Russia, led to the IMF warning they would withhold bailout funds if Ukraine didn’t solidify control over it’s Eastern region.

A leaked call between US assistant secreatary of state and US ambassador to Kiev revealed an intention to manipulate the Ukrainian government to further U.S. interests. The U.S. spent $5 billion to quote; “ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine.”

Unfortuantely for the powers that be, sanctions imposed on Russia have mostly failed. They’ve pushed Russia and China into closer cooperation and accelerated their leave from using the U.S. Dollar. Russia also enlisted counter-sanctions against European nations who went along with U.S. sanctions on Russia. Europe’s economy has been hurt from disrupted trade and Germany especially is wary of continued trade barriers between itself and Russia.

Having cglobal trade predominantly in dollars proides washington with powerful financial weapon known as sanctions. When Iraq wanted to trade oil for Euros in 2000, or in 2009 when Libya wanted a gold backed currency to trade oil for; within a few years of each, the U.S. had destroyed each country’s government through war.

In May, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed an agreement establishing the Eurasian Economic Union.

October 2014. OPEC announces they will not not cut oil production with price above $80 per barrel; sespite it being almost a 2 year low. Russia’s breakeven price for oil is $100 and Iran’s is much higher at $130 per barrel. Oil price suppression is part of the war games.OPEC increased production for september to its highest level in almost 2 years. Oil revenues account for about 45% of Russia’s budget. The oil price crash in late 1980’s contributed to the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.

Russia has further warned the U.S. that attacking Syria without a UN Security Council resolution would be an agression with the potential to go nuclear.

Russian ships have been placed in the Mediterranean for first time since the Cold War era. This is the start of World War 3.