HIGH-NEED HEALTHCARE: New Patents to Change Medicine as We Know It!

The domain of mental health is one of the fastest-developing areas of the vast healthcare system. Massive amounts of capital are flowing in because insiders know just how lucrative breakthrough medicines can be. Through patents, first-mover status and a lasting market footprint can be established.

But patents are born of clinical research, which is the foundation of scientific progress. Unfortunately, alternative solutions for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder were ignored for many years. Take, for example, psychedelic medicine, a mostly unexplored and untapped resource that offers tremendous healing potential.

While the mainstream medical community ignored psychedelics in favor of medications like Valium and Prozac, a small but growing community of brave researchers have explored the viability of psilocybin and ketamine as effective treatment options.

What they’ve discovered might surprise you. For instance, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that psilocybin, which can be derived from magic mushrooms, reduces the brain’s response to negative emotional stimuli. Post-treatment, depressed patients were reported to have newfound feelings of hope and self-worth.

Overall, the patients treated with psilocybin found that the experience was profoundly meaningful and after just one or two treatment sessions, they reported positive long-term changes in mood, attitude, and behavior. Breaking free from crippling depression would be an absolute godsend for patients who suffer from this terrible condition, and there’s now hope on the horizon.

It was also found that the psilocybin-based drug treatment was not addictive. That fact alone suggests that psychedelic options may be safer than the meds being prescribed by doctors today. After the initial trials were completed, the results were so encouraging that other universities joined Johns Hopkins in the quest to uncover the full healing potential of psychedelic medicines.

In order to increase mainstream acceptance and provide more value to investors, more research, patents, and products are needed. One company in the space, Champignon Brands (CSE: SHRM, OTC: SHRMF), has effectively covered these areas through a series of highly-strategic acquisitions.


These value-added acquisitions cover the critical-need areas of research and development, innovative delivery systems, and final products for the vast pool of consumers.

Champignon’s acquisitions so far include:

  • AltMed, whose Ontario-based clinic known as the Canadian Rapid Treatment Centre of Excellence is currently the only Health Canada-approved clinic for randomized controlled trials for psilocybin
  • Novo Formulations, a specialty biotechnology company focused on developing novel delivery systems for ketamine, anesthetics, adaptogenics, and more
  • Tassili Life Sciences Corp., which develops therapeutics for pathological and psychological diseases based on psychedelic and cannabis compounds
  • Vitality Superteas, which are formulated to revolutionize conventional organic teas through the infusion of a proprietary blend of artisanal mushrooms with medicinal properties

What’s coming down the pipeline for Champignon Brands? Very soon, the company plans to roll out five unique ketamine clinics across Florida, California, and the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. These additional ketamine clinics are projected to be fully operational by the fall of 2020.

This will mean more research and the potential for first-to-market patents and products, all thanks to the dedication and innovation you’ll only find at Champignon Brands.

Consider becoming a shareholder of Champignon Brands (CSE: SHRM, OTC: SHRMF)!

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