A NEW BULL MARKET in Silver – A Top Expert Weighs In

Get ready for a massive bull market in precious metals and an explosion in silver. This is not just hope or hype, as Crush the Street has called upon the top experts for their analysis and insights into the world of precious metals – and best of all, the man we’ve called Mr. Silver himself, Keith Neumeyer. You won’t want to sit on the sidelines after hearing what Mr. Neumeyer has to say about today’s markets and his outlook on precious metals.

Bear Market Apocalypse: Crypto Future HERE!

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies will go down in history. Fortunes were created and fortunes were lost, and there are numerous lessons that we can all learn from the emergence of digital assets that many are now literally paying the price for.

Speculator’s Dream: Lottery Ticket Type Fortunes

Lottery tickets: this is what I call those investments that involve the greatest measure of volatility, the make-or-break trades that either go “boom” or “bust.” These high-risk lottery tickets can be breathtaking, sweat-inducing, and life-altering; they have the potential to make your day or ruin your life. It all depends on your approach and your emotional self-control: you have to be responsible for the consequences at the end of the day.

Jamie Dimon Rips into Cryptos Again! What is REALLY Going On?

It looks like the cryptocurrency bashing has resumed, at least among some of the Wall Street elites. In Bloomberg article it was recently reported that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon repeated some harsh comments that he had made last year on Bitcoin, saying that cryptocurrencies a “scam” and claiming that he had “no interest” in Bitcoin. Then Dimon suggested that governments might move to shut down cryptocurrencies because of their inability to control them.

FINDING THE FLOOR: How Low Can Gold and Silver Go?

Knowing where we’ve been is easy in the markets; knowing where we’re going is the tough part, and precious metals holders are clamoring for answers in 2018. Finding the floor after gold breaches the $1,200 level and silver breaks below $15 is best left to the experts, and Crush the Street has access to the best minds in the gold and silver markets today.

METALS MAYHEM! What to Do with Your Gold and Silver Now?

Gold, silver, and other metals have breached key levels and uncertainty has gripped the markets. With early 2018 showing signs of optimism and hope, gold under $1,200 and silver under $15 were unthinkable not long ago. How are investors to interpret and deal with the precious metals doldrums we’re seeing today?

This Stock WILL GO VERTICAL Very Soon: Last Chance to Get In!

Seasoned investors know that stock market investing involves a ton of research and long periods of waiting: it’s not always an exciting ride to riches. But the research and the waiting always pay off big-time when a stock suddenly goes vertical; this might seem like a random occurrence, but Crush the Street is able to spot the ones that are ready to make a big move