Future HERE: Don’t Get Steamrolled!

As my readers are well aware, blockchain was a huge trend that we covered and profited from in a big way here at Crush The Street. The 2017 bull market was certainly an over-delivery, being the most exciting bull market in history, but it was no surprise to my readers that it was coming.

Bear Market Apocalypse: Crypto Future HERE!

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies will go down in history. Fortunes were created and fortunes were lost, and there are numerous lessons that we can all learn from the emergence of digital assets that many are now literally paying the price for.

The Trend is Up with Legal Cannabis. Don’t Fight It – PROFIT FROM IT Instead

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my many years of investing, it’s this: do not fight the trend. This is an essential investing rule, even for self-declared contrarians. Sure, you want to do the opposite of the crowd when the crowd is wrong, but if you’re planning on betting against the current trend in the legal cannabis market... you’ll just be fighting against an unstoppable force.