Cheap Money Debt Apocalypse

Cheap Money Many market commentators have warned of the risks associated with cheap money. Cheap money is a steroid of any bull market, and when risks become too great, speculators are subject to the wrath of ...

Smart Money Vs. Dumb Money

An indicator that the uninformed investor doesn’t use is one they should. After a tumultuous decline in equity prices around the world, the average investor is wondering what gives. Historically, market volatil...

Inflation is Back with a Vengeance

The U.S. government is reporting the annual inflation rate at 2.3%, but independent-thinking minds don’t buy what the government is selling and, as always, it takes a little digging to discover just how out-of-control inflation has gotten.

Death of the Middle Class is HERE!

It’s been ten years since the 2008 financial crisis and the demise of Lehman Brothers, and the shock waves of the cataclysmic event can still be felt throughout the Western World, whether good or bad. One of the biggest victims was and still is the American middle class, which covers a broad range of people and can be further divided into smaller groups, such as the lower and upper middle class.