This Stock WILL GO VERTICAL Very Soon: Last Chance to Get In!

Seasoned investors know that stock market investing involves a ton of research and long periods of waiting: it’s not always an exciting ride to riches. But the research and the waiting always pay off big-time when a stock suddenly goes vertical; this might seem like a random occurrence, but Crush the Street is able to spot the ones that are ready to make a big move

The Trend is Up with Legal Cannabis. Don’t Fight It – PROFIT FROM IT Instead

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my many years of investing, it’s this: do not fight the trend. This is an essential investing rule, even for self-declared contrarians. Sure, you want to do the opposite of the crowd when the crowd is wrong, but if you’re planning on betting against the current trend in the legal cannabis market... you’ll just be fighting against an unstoppable force.

Violent FORCES – This is a MUST-READ!

It’s very common for nearly everyone to experience a nightmare of yourself being swept away in a wild river current and then being dumped over a Niagara-type fall. It’s depicted in countless movies, and it gets planted in our heads from an early age.