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Markets End on Ambiguous Note

On the second-to-last trading session for 2018, the markets took a rather ambiguous route. Following two days of strong bullish enthusiasm, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 0.33%. The S&P 500 sl...

GOLD IS FORMING A BOTTOM: Gerald Celente’s Most Aggressive Call Yet

Gerald Celente, Director at and one of the top trend forecasters in the world, has been getting ultra-aggressive in his call that gold is now in the midst of a bottoming process. With commercial hedgers showing renewed interest in gold, Mr. Celente’s long-standing bullish call on gold seems to be panning out in his favor.

Teasing Death: Unleashing Your Humanity!

For me, in business and investments, the risk of loss and the fear of failure are things I've had to come to learn to face head on. And I must say that when I come out on top, there are very few gratifying experiences that would measure up to this.