Slam dunk: This just happened!

It’s not always easy to identify and successfully identify a trend in a timely manner. At Crush The Street however, we’ve dug our heels into the legalized marijuana market and in the in the health and wellness industry.

Fault Lines: Can This Shaky Market Count on an End-of-Year Rally?

If there’s one thing that clients of money managers can’t stand, it’s showing a loss at year’s end. And if there’s one thing that money managers can’t stand, it’s losing clients. But with the major equities markets going absolutely nowhere in 2018 so far – or worse yet, showing a loss – a Santa Claus rally isn’t just optional anymore; it’s mission critical at this point.

No Safety Net: The “Powell Put” Doesn’t Exist

The Fed is full of absolute masters of euphemistic, toned-down language that hides insidious and unsettling half-truths. It takes the patience of a saint and an uncanny ability to read between the lines to decipher Fed language, which is now telling us that the era of easy-money policy is in the rear-view mirror and will not be seen again anytime soon.