These Countries Have the Worst Debt Burden

With a debt that recently topped the $22 trillion mark, the United States has the biggest debt of any nation in the world in sheer dollar count. However, we can use a different debt metric to determine which country is the worst offender – and the top-ten list might surprise you.

FULL Attack: Fighting Multiple Fronts

Like an infectious disease, a troubling trend has propagated throughout the world in the global economy. As financial strain leads to health problems, citizens of the world struggle to maintain a baseline quality of life or even meet basic survival needs.

Cannabis Stocks Can Only Go in One Direction

The old German saying that “trees don’t grow to the sky” suggests that there are limits to growth, and experienced investors know that this undoubtedly applies to growth in companies and stocks. But what applies to trees might not apply to plants – especially if the plant happens to be a cannabis plant.