If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my many years of investing, it’s this: do not fight the trend. This is an essential investing rule, even for self-declared contrarians. Sure, you want to do the opposite of the crowd when the crowd is wrong, but if you’re planning on betting against the current trend in the legal cannabis market… you’ll just be fighting against an unstoppable force.

The Crush the Street team of experts expend a great deal of time and effort every single day looking for the most important trends in the markets, both locally and globally. And of all the investing strategies out there, including the ones espoused by the so-called “gurus” in the stock market, I’ve never seen a successful strategy that goes against the long-term uptrend in legalized marijuana.

To put it bluntly, you just can’t take a short position against the legal cannabis market and expect to win in the long run.

It is truly fascinating to watch the major trends in the legalized marijuana markets, which all point to massive yield for businesses and investors. In the U.S. alone and just on the medical side of the cannabis market, research shows that the market size is projected to reach $11 billion in annual sales:

Courtesy of New Frontier Analytics and Arcview Market Research

Interestingly, the two biggest medical cannabis markets will be California (worth $3.3 billion) and Florida (worth $1.6 billion); combined, just these two states will account for almost half of the legal medical marijuana market in the United States. However, businesses and investors will be glad to know that other markets in states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are expected to grow exponentially as well in the coming years.

It’s a fact that cannot be denied: the legal marijuana industry is trending upwards, and there’s no end in sight.

Sales for all uses, including the medicinal as well as the adult recreational uses of cannabis, will increase consistently year-over-year, adding to the local economy and bringing excellent yield for investors:

Courtesy of stockbeast.com

As long as you’re moving with this trend, you’re bound to make money; if you choose not to make a move now, you’ll miss out on the fortunes that are only available to early movers.

Surely you’re convinced by now that it’s essential to be on the right side of the cannabis trade, and Crush the Street’s research team has brought me exciting news: there’s a stock that’s the perfect play for the vertical trajectory of the legalized cannabis market. I won’t make you wait any longer – the stock and the company is C21 Investments Inc. (CSE:CXXI).

All indicators point to this stock as the best way to profit from the rising trend in legal cannabis. Based in Vancouver, C21 is a vertically integrated cannabis corporation that cultivates, processes, manufactures, and distributes quality cannabis and hemp-derived consumer products with branding recognition in the United States and internationally. CEO and Director Rob Cheney has built a top-tier firm from the ground up, and C21 Investments Inc. has research-backed statistics to impress even the most discerning investor:

Courtesy of C21 Investments Inc. Investor Presentation

Just look at how C21 compares favorably to stock market giants, even beyond the marijuana market; they even outperform Apple by a wide margin. In terms of average annual revenue per square foot, nobody comes close to C21 Investments Inc.

I’m taking my position in CXXI stock, and you should consider taking a position today if you’re prepared to make big money in the legal cannabis market. You won’t regret going with the trend that is changing the world and making multimillionaires in 2018.


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